Town Hall of A Coruña

Video surveillance for traffic control

“In an ever-expanding city with an increasing number of vehicles, the mission we face is toupdate our traffic control system and prepare it for the future, making it more flexible andversatile, and allowing the simple incorporation of new cameras to provide services in recentlyconstructed zones.“Juan Antonio López, Technical Engineer for Public Works - Citizen Safety Section.


The municipal council of A Coruña occupies an area of 36.8 km² and is the second city of the Autonomous Community of Galicia as far as the size of its urban area is concerned. The growth of the urban area has been accompanied by a gradual increase in its population in the past three decades, which presently numbers close to 250,000 inhabitants. This situation has led to residential decentralization, which has involved the extension of the city limits. This decentralization has been accompanied by the development of new infrastructure, improvements in access and urban renewal. One of the above-mentioned infrastructure projects is the centralized traffic control system inaugurated in 1993 and located in the bus station of A Coruña. Consisting of a total of 26 analog cameras distributed at strategic locations, the main function of this system is to control and manage traffic, thus preventing congestion in a city where the number of vehicles has increased considerably. The need to prepare this facility so that it can remain useful in the future involved seeking to update this system to endow it with greater versatility and make it compatible with modern video monitoring systems.


Various solutions were proposed by the Town Hall, although, since a fiber-optic network is being installed, a system is being sought that will make it possible to integrate the cameras and video surveillance system into an IP network. Iterdata Networks, a company specializing in research and development of information systems, proposed to the Town Hall the setup of a demonstration facility to allow the advantages provided by IP technology to be tested in situ. The basic system proposed by Iterdata Networks consists of Axis network cameras and Ofisec PRO software from TOC Systems, a versatile professional management tool for complex video infrastructure.


The first thing the officials from the Town Hall of A Coruña noticed was the evident increase in the image quality offered by the Axis network cameras. Likewise, the greater use of the fiber-optic network that now links the municipal network with its counterpart in Traffic was evaluated positively. It thus greatly increased the radius of activity of the facility and made it possible to overcome the problem of scalability caused by usage limitations of analog cameras. Now it is a simple matter to relocate or incorporate new cameras into the system when necessary, without relying on switching arrays.

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