Accademia Aeronautica di Pozzuoli

Transforming an analog system into an intelligent network video surveillance system

“The new Intelligent Video system installed by Bitsolution has allowed us to fully exploit thepotential of our control center, focusing attention on real situations of danger.“


Always attentive to technological innovation, Accademia Aeronautica di Pozzuoli, the prestigious military academy, decided to move its video surveillance system from analog to network video, with video analysis functions for the intelligent recognition of critical environmental issues.


The system chosen consists of IVMS Bitc@m management software from Bitsolution, with integrated intelligent video analysis and Axis video encoders and network cameras. The additional hardware and software have made it possible to safeguard the existing cameras, thus minimizing problems associated with cabling and installation.


The most important testimony comes from the desire of the military command of the Aeronautics Academy to implement the system with new network cameras. Accademia Aeronautica di Pozzuoli, always keen to welcome any of modern society’s innovations, has deemed it appropriate to improve and then enhance their already sophisticated internal video surveillance system. Bitsolution, in association with those in charge of the military communication service, designed and installed the Bitc@m intelligent video surveillance system, which can report critical situations and imminent dangers. The existing analog camera network has been converted to IP-based technology using Axis video encoders, allowing excellent exploitation of the existing infrastructure and cabling. The camera network has been supplemented with six Axis network cameras for outdoor use. The Intelligent Video technology used for real-time video analysis has allowed interpretation of the video images captured by the network cameras, and the provision of a description of the scene in real time. The video description (meta-data) allows behavioral recognition for such activities as trespassing, direction flow, unattended/removed Objects, counting, etc. The meta-data can be further analyzed by video management system software installed in the control room, allowing selective alerting of the security staff.

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