Comprehensive security for retail megastore

Axis network cameras for surveillance of Benetton’s megastore in Vienna’s Kärntnerstraße

“We are very happy with the quality and performance of the new Axis network cameras and theentire video surveillance system. The equipment has already demonstrated its value in day-todayuse and has increased security in Benetton’s megastore.“ Heinz Fickel, Technical Manager of Benetton’s Vienna megastore.


In keeping with the local ambience, Benetton’s megastore in Vienna’s Kärntnerstraße offers sophisticated shopping. However, with brisk customer traffic, its operator is very concerned about protecting the store against shoplifting and attacks. With four floors totaling over 1,200m2, Benetton’s megastore in Kärntnerstraße offers the Italian fashion house’s complete collection, fromladies- and menswear to children’s clothing and accessories, all bearing the hallmarks of Benetton’s unique style. In the past, security on the retail floor was inadequate. Although a few analog cameras monitored sensitive points, the quality of the images they delivered was unsatisfactory and they did not cover all areas of the megastore.


To address this issue, a comprehensive digital video surveillance system with Axis network cameras, covering 99% of the store area, was installed in time for the Christmas 2007 season. Additional functions such as panic buttons at the tills and alarm-triggered recording increase security even further.


99% of the total surface area of the store is covered by the new video surveillance system. The high-resolution image quality even allowed the number of cameras required to be reduced at the planning stage as the video images provide sufficient detail even at greater distances. The camera images have a dual purpose: a wide angle image provides an overall view of an area of the store while, by zooming into the current image, a shelf carrying particularly valuable goods can be monitored separately, for example. This application is made possible by the ability of Axis network cameras to generate several video streams at once.

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