SSR ensures efficient remote video surveillance offacilities with Axis network video

Axis’ 1,000,000th network camera finds home in China

“The integration of bi-directional audio with video feeds allows our technical experts in thesurveillance control room to speak with maintenance personnel on site, further improving themaintenance efficiency and considerably shortening the time spent on maintenance. In addition,with the utilization of the existing network infrastructure, the cost for building the videosurveillance system has been considerably cut down.” Client from SSRF company


SSRF (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility) provides the third generation of intermediate-energy synchrotron radiation light source, design capacity of which is one of the best in industry around the world. It is the largest-in-history large scientific facility in China, and is of great value to scientific and industrial applications. SSRF is a “Chinese National Important Project on Science” proposed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Municipal Government and constructed by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Due to the specialty of SSRF research facility, no personnel is allowed to enter the tunnels where accelerators and other devices are deployed during the production, operation or commissioning of the entire light source device. Therefore, remote video surveillance of operational conditions and status of all the devices was required.


SSRF decided to deploy a fully digitized/networked surveillance system based on network cameras from Axis Communications. The system comprises different models of Axis network cameras, to meet the company’s site coverage requirements: AXIS 213 PTZ, a pan/tilt/ zoom, IR-enabled network camera; AXIS 211, an indoor/ outdoor fixed network camera; AXIS 212 PTZ, an indoor camera that provides full overview, with instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom. Cameras are monitored using a video management software platform with multiple features, including support for PTZ remote control and bi-directional audio via the network.


Thanks to Axis network cameras, remote video surveillance has been easy to establish via the network. The network video surveillance system fully utilizes SSRF’s existing network resources and infrastructure, thus considerably reducing costs and time spent on system implementation. The Axis network cameras provide efficient coverage of required surveillance areas via PTZ control over the network, and as such meet SSRF’s crucial needs for status monitoring and disaster prevention.

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