Axis injects video intelligence into the access control system of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

IP-Surveillance enables true remote monitoring

“It’s the combination of Axis products’ top quality and Axis ADP’s active software integrationthat makes the project go smoothly from planning to implementation and enables Cardax FTentrance/exit control system to embark on a new level of video intelligence.”Mo Mingfeng, Deputy GM of the system integration company Ralid
Mission As one of China’s three largest international airports, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport enjoys a huge passenger flow every day, posing a great challenge to airport security. The entrance/exit control system of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was provided by internationally-renowned brand Cardax. Cardax FT is a network-based intelligent management system covering access control, parking lot, consumption and security. All these areas are under 24-hour surveillance via video management software. The intelligence of the entrance/exit control system required the addition of network video surveillance, including real-time video support and the verification of video case by case. Solution Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport deployed an independent and dedicated security network for the system. After careful comparison of products from noted manufacturers, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport selected Axis Communications. AXIS 207 Network Cameras were installed near every switch and sensor of the entrance/exit control system. The video management software module provided by Ragile, an Axis partner, can interact with the Cardax FT system. If any alarm occurs at the entrance/exit control system, administrators in the surveillance and command center can manually invoke relevant video in real-time or the system can pop up a window in line with pre-defined policies for verification; the video data can also be retrieved, played back and exported based on different factors after the incidents. Result By interacting and integrating with Cardax FT, AXIS 207 Network Cameras bring video intelligence to the entrance/ exit control system and greatly cut system implementation difficulty and complexity. Furthermore, they have made room for future system expansion and scalability.

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