Huainan Mining Group improves logistics safety with Axis network cameras

Huainan Mining Group builds a network video monitoring system for remote monitoring of coal mines

“It is incredible that we were able to complete the entire system with such a quality level in sucha short time.”Liu Zhongyuan, Manager of Monitoring Department, Aobo Optoelectronic Tech (Hefei) Co., Ltd.


Huainan Mining Group Materials Supply and Marketing Sub Company shoulders the task of the materials procurement and supply for the entire group and dozens of coal mines distributed over hundreds of square meters. To ensure the accomplishment of this task in a highly efficient and safe manner, it became necessary to build a flexible video monitoring system.


The Materials Supply and Marketing Company installed AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras and protective wire balloons at the important positions and passages in 32 minebased supply stations. The video streams from the network cameras of each supply station are transmitted via the IP network to the monitoring control center located in the city , where the operators can monitor and manage all network cameras and terminals. The administrators can access the server with live video view by using a web browser and they can monitor the network cameras after authentication. A monitor wall has been installed in the control center. Digital signals are converted back into analog signals and sent to the monitor wall with live video from the cameras. The operators of the center can monitor remote video on the monitor wall in real-time.


Axis network cameras make it easy to use the existing network infrastructure, greatly reducing installation and equipment needs and costs, while largely reducing the complexity and difficulty in system implementation. This simplified the deployment of a complicated surveillance system involving dozens of sites distributed over hundreds of miles, in a rapid, highly efficient, and low-cost way. Besides, because they are stand-alone and scalable, additional AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras can be easily added just by connecting them to the network, making system expansion and upgrade quite simple in the future.

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