Providing students with a safe learning environment

Implementation of campus video surveillance solution for the Schoolof Continuing Education, Chinese Culture University

"Though the new surveillance system was initially adopted by only some of the campuses, theearliest completed part, which has been operating for three years now, has maintained itsoriginal reliability and quality. It is very impressive."Mr. Li Zongda, Network Management Engineer of the School of Continuing Education.


A traditional video recording system was used for each campus to record and retain surveillance images. When it was necessary to access the surveillance records the staff would have to visit the respective campus or division in order to view the video. Consequently, real-time remote access was not possible. Moreover, significant time and manpower costs were incurred when accessing and using the video files because the old analog system could not file and archive the videos centrally.


Use of the AXIS 2400/2400+ Video Server ensured a smooth transition from the traditional surveillance system into an integrated network video solution based on the campus’ IP network infrastructure. The addition of Axis network cameras highly contributed to increasing overall security. The system comprises the compact AXIS 206 Network Cameras which are ideal for remote surveillance, and AXIS 2130 PTZ Network Cameras, which enable remote control of camera lens movement and zooming along with integrated two-way audio function and alert input/output function. The Milestone XProtect® video management software as well as service and technical support offered by Alpha Pricing provide a comprehensive IP-Surveillance environment that covers each division and campus.


The new network video solution enabled inter-division and inter-campus remote video surveillance. Moreover, it has met the requirement for real-time video access and enabled faster and more cost-effective deployment of the video surveillance network. In addition, the full follow-up maintenance services and solution flexibility and scalability have dramatically reduced costs related to capacity expansion and manpower operation. Particularly, the reliability of the Axis network video solution has been proven over three years of actual operation. The School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University has affirmed the original choice and no longer questions the higher price standards of Axis products in relation to local brands. Long-term amortization has reduced overall setup cost, and this fully demonstrates that the Axis network video solution was the right and the most cost-effective choice. Completion of the new surveillance system has enhanced campus surveillance, providing the faculty and students with a safer learning environment.

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