Complete replacement of original analog surveillance system

A leading Taiwanese financial institution implements a fully digitized video surveillance system

"The full replacement was completed in only 15 working days, and during that time, the deploymentwas completed as well as testing, validation, and adjustment. Though some cameras didnot work at the time of completion due to insufficient bandwidth, this problem was settled bymeans of bandwidth control management."Head of the surveillance system project for the financial institution’s credit-card center


In the original, analog-based surveillance system of the financial institution, the clarity of recorded images was limited and real-time viewing of video was not possible. Operation of the overall surveillance system did not facilitate immediate response to emergencies. Moreover, camera configuration was not flexible enough, resulting in difficulties with system deployment as well as involving high costs for expanding the existing system. Additionally, follow-up, maintenance and technical service of the equipment could not be performed as quickly as needed. In the face of these difficulties, the financial institution decided to replace its existing analog system.


The new surveillance system based on Axis network cameras provides new advanced functionalities, combined with extreme ease of deployment and intelligence. It comprises the compact-size AXIS 207 Network Cameras which can effectively save network bandwidth, as well as the AXIS 215 PTZ Network Cameras which provide 360-degree monitoring. Moreover, the analog CRT TVs that had acted as surveillance monitors at the back-end were replaced with digital LCD flat screens, providing image displays with improved sharpness. The analog DVR system was also replaced by a network recording server.


After implementation of the new Axis network video solution, the flexibility of the camera configuration was remarkably improved in terms of the ability to add, remove, and relocate individual units. The quality of surveillance images was greatly improved, and prompt response to possible emergencies was made possible. Additionally, long-term maintenance and support services were set up, and the introduction of new video surveillance software facilitated the installation and management of surveillance equipment.

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