Cameras in the Museum

Axis secures works of art in the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia

"We’re satisfied at having implemented a new video surveillance system using Axis solutions. Security has always been a priority for the Museum, which houses works of art and cultural artefacts from all over the world. Thanks to the Axis video surveillance system, both the indoor andoutdoor areas of the Museum are monitored efficiently yet discreetly. The works of art are secure and, due to the compact size of the cameras, visitors are not bothered by their presence."Agostino Mantovani, Chairman of the Brescia Museums Foundation.


The Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia, Italy, built in 753 AD over the ruins of a Roman palace, is a place where historical memories have become layered over the centuries, a visible interweaving of eras and a never-ending source of surprising discoveries. To guarantee an adequate level of protection, Brescia Musei S.p.A. (Brescia Museums) decided to place its trust in partners highly qualified within the ICT sector: Axis Communications, Anixter, FasterNet and ESSAI, the supplier, distributor and installer of the network video solutions used, respectively, and N@Video software producer.


The project required a video surveillance system that was easily scalable, allowed rapid repositioning of the camera locations, could be integrated architecturally into the museum structure and satisfied an insurance requirement, namely video surveillance of the works exhibited, thus permitting the museum insurance premium to be reduced. The museum turned to systems integrator FasterNet, with which it had already collaborated for several years, in order to look for alternatives to traditional video surveillance. Since its foundation in 1995, FasterNet has positioned itself towards its customers as a partner, working with a strong culture focused on improvement, technological innovation and on establishing the best supplier/customer relationship. The solution proposed was network video from Axis Communications with software platform N@Video from ESSAI.


The AXIS 210 Network Camera best embodied the objectives required by Brescia Museums: monitoring of the exhibited works, prevention of vandalism and integration with existing infrastructure to avoid installing additional cables, which are especially aesthetically displeasing and invasive in a museum environment. The cost-effective and professional network video system offered by Axis is ideal for video surveillance and remote monitoring, and uses a wireless infrastructure to connect the camera locations and a CAT6 network infrastructure to transmit video feeds to the recording platform.

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