The city of Geel secures its public buildings

23 Axis network cameras secure the old city hall and the swimming pool of Geel

"We are delighted to have chosen the network cameras from Axis Communications. They are easy to manage and require little maintenance. Our collaboration with BusSaP went equally well. In case of difficulty, communication was prompt and clear. We have always received professional support." - Peter Vermeylen, ICT Department, City of Geel


In 2006, the municipality of Geel, Belgium, decided to renovate its old City Hall building called "La Halle", to accommodate the tourist services and a new exhibition space. The municipality wanted a future-proof security solution featuring efficient modular design to protect the property and assets against theft and damage. When building the new pool in 2007, the municipality also wanted to strengthen the feeling of safety of employees and the public. To this end, the City of Geel opted for network cameras.


23 Axis network cameras have been installed to secure La Halle and the swimming pool. The camera images are stored and managed centrally from the city hall. Staff from the two sites can monitor the images of all the cameras using dedicated monitors. The embedded video motion detection functionality in the network cameras considerably reduces the space needed for storage of images. In case of incident or offense, the police can examine the images at the city hall, and any authorized city personnel can access the images in real-time wherever a network connection is available.


Images from Axis network cameras installed at the pool have already enabled the police to catch a dozen offenders. Geel, a Belgian town of 36,000 inhabitants, has been a pioneer in applying advanced technologies to its infrastructure. The network camera equipment of La Halle, a historic building that once housed the city hall, and the new pool are concrete examples of the willingness of the city to continue deploying modern infrastructures.

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