Axis megapixel camera helps iBurst see the bigger picture.

Megapixel camera offers the resolution of multiple cameras in one

"I can monitor the entire building from my desk. The system has saved me time and I can now access live images of the entire floor area anywhere and anytime from my laptop.“Daryl Bernstein, iBurst Facilities and Logistics Manager
Mission South African wireless internet service provider, iBurst, opened its doors in 2005. Its mission is to become the preferred gateway for data communication, by offering innovative products at affordable prices with the highest levels of customer service. iBurst currently offers internet connectivity to over 60,000 subscribers and is recognized as a leading contributor to the betterment of people’s lives. Like many companies in South Africa, iBurst saw the value in implementing a surveillance system for security. Not only does the company hold valuable stock such as modems, antennae and routers, but it also required a solution that efficiently covered their open plan offices. The challenge faced by the security system integrators was that too many traditional analog surveillance cameras would be required in order to effectively monitor the large open plan office space. Solution Axis Solution Partner, Camsecure, designed a network camera system using megapixel cameras. This allowed for the installation of fewer cameras to cover the same area at a reduced cost. According to Francois Malan, Technical Director of Camsecure, the only solution for this installation was network megapixel camera technology. This installation is the first in South Africa to utilize the AXIS 207MW Network Camera. Result The Axis network camera installation designed by Camsecure has ensured that all essential areas have been sufficiently monitored by network cameras. Not only has the camera surveillance system assisted in securing the building, but the functionality of the Milestone XProtect® monitoring software has allowed iBurst facilities and logistics manager, Daryl Bernstein to use the cameras as a management tool.

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