The municipality of Sliven implements Axis network cameras to provide a safer city environment

Video surveillance system provides municipality’s security company with the necessary tools for effective crime prevention and rapid reaction possibilities

"My colleagues from the security department were very careful when choosing both equipmentand a professional company to install and maintain the system. Now we are sure that Axis wasthe right choice – the image quality is excellent and the general system performance perfectly meets our expectations"Mr. Jordan Lechkov, Sliven’s mayor.


In 2007, the Municipality of Sliven, Bulgaria, started the implementation of a strategic video surveillance project: 24x7 monitoring of all places of key importance on the territory of the city, to be completed by 2011. This project is a vital part of the local authorities’ strategy for safe city environment and a higher standard of life for its citizens.


The Municipality of Sliven assigned the project implementation, which includes design, installation, set-up and maintenance of the video surveillance, to VIDEO COMPONENTS BULGARIA ( - a company specialized in IP-based video surveillance solutions with more than 14 years history in designing, installing and maintaining video surveillance systems. The company is a member of a Bulgarian-German group, who is the main supplier of such systems for the REWE supermarkets in Germany.


The first phase of the project included monitoring of several key city areas – all entrances and exits, the local market, all major crossroads in the city center, two schools and a social services’ residential complex. This step of the system implementation was completed successfully in 2007 and the security team command center has already full visual access to key city areas. Sixty five cameras in total were installed around the town – forty eight AXIS 211, ten AXIS 211M, six AXIS 223M Network Cameras and one AXIS 232D+ Network Dome Camera. The system is fully operational and has demonstrated excellent functionality, performance and reliability.

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