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Video surveillance as a customer satisfaction service

"Customer satisfaction is our top priority at the Derby Hotels Collection chain. We have implemented an innovative tool which allows us to be more attentive towards our customers,which is always going to be a great advantage"Manel Martínez Cuerda, Systems Department Manager, Derby Hotels Collection.


Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction means ensuring that every hotel runs like clockwork and that everything is kept under control at all times, as well as going the extra mile when incidents or problems occur in any hotel. For this reason, the board of directors at the Derby Hotels Collection began searching for a system that would allow them to ensure precise control over the maintenance and repair activities that take place in the service areas.


Manel Martínez, systems department manager of Derby Hotels Collection, integrated a video surveillance system into the service areas, using AXIS 207W Network Cameras.


The administrative and control work carried out with the aid of Axis network cameras has ensured that all of the hotels have been outright winners in terms of the speed and quality of the internal services that they provide. It is also worth noting that it is very useful for the administrative department to have a visual reference of what goes on at all times in the hotels, in some cases permitting them to anticipate possible incidents. Additionally, the cameras make use of the hotel’s existing Wi-Fi service and, as a result, have required minimal investment in cabling due to the existing wireless network cameras, thus requiring only a few minutes to install or move to a new location.

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