Serra City Hall integrates police forces using Axis network cameras

Espirito Santo municipality replaces traditional urban monitoring with an image management model aimed at prevention

“The system is the most modern that exists today in the state of Espirito Santo. For example, the quality of the images already allows us to disrupt gangs involved in homicides because we integrate information and plot strategies in order to anticipate crimes instead of waiting for them to appear on the screen.“ Joel Lyrio Júnior, Secretary of Civil Defense at the Serra City Hall.


Vitória, the capital of Espirito Santo, is bordered to the north by Serra, a city whose participation in the gross state product jumped from 14% to 19% during the period from 1999 to 2004. This growth generated a phenomenon that is already well known in large cities: an increase in violent crime. To address this changing scenario, new measures had to be adopted.


In 2007, Serra had 18 limited coverage cameras and analog technology. In 2009, a new project was conceived using network cameras controlled from a central office. With municipal and Federal Government funds, through Pronasci (the National Public Security and Citizenship Program), the first step of the project was inaugurated with 40 network cameras from Axis Communications, the global leader in network video. 30 AXIS Q6032-E PTZ Dome Network Cameras were installed in urban streets with a further 10 AXIS M1054 Network Cameras, of HDTV quality, monitoring the Central Office, the Data Center and the access areas. The entire project integration was carried out by 7LAN, with software from Digifort.


According to the City Hall Secretary of Civil Defense, Joel Lyrio Júnior, the new system has been well received by the public and the police. “We have achieved significant reductions in the levels of violent crime in the monitored areas, bordering on 80% in comparison to previous years. We have increased the quantity of cameras and changed technology, opting for a more advanced solution with better resolution quality.” The use of vehicles and human resources have been optimized, according to the secretary, creating a new management instrument for police operations.

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