Bancolombia Group secures physical environment of its new head offices

Preserving productivity with Axis network cameras

“The greater benefits obtained upon the implementation of the Axis video surveillance solutions were: simplicity, easiness, flexibility, integration, quality and cost, which align with the building’s philosophy. Thanks to that, they could simply integrate the solution with the building’s general management system, allowing continuous control of the areas that the Bank considers critical.“ Diego Omar, Córdoba, Head Engineer of the Bancolombia Group Project.


Bancolombia Group is a regional company with operations in Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Miami, Peru, and the Cayman Islands. It has approximately 20 thousand employees and 6.3 million active accounts. It is described as the seventh most important bank in Latin America. During 2008 Bancolombia finished construction of its headquarters in the city of Medellin, a construction of 138,000 square meters; two towers, each with 12 stories and a working population of 4,200 people. The construction lasted 18 months with an approximate cost of $180 million dollars. Due to the magnitude of the construction, the company tried to harmonize control through several concepts(convergence, integration, flexibility, scalability, and standardization). In this sense, the security solutions that would be required should fall under these areas.


Axis network video cameras proved to be the best solution because they include reliable features, they are simple to operate, they easily integrate with the Honeywell EBI platform, and obtain the best results within technical analysis.


The main offices of Bancolombia Group in Medellin now have a pro-active video surveillance camera system, which has enabled an improvement in surveillance and control equipment productivity.

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