Surveillance cameras secure Danish housing cooperative

Tenants at Gersager Park installed 108 Axis network cameras to prevent trouble and disturbances

“With our surveillance cameras from Axis we can now find and look at recordings of individuals who have created problems or disturbances. And since the camera images are so clear, we can see the faces of troublemakers and the company logos on the vehicles that drop off garbage in our garbage area.“ John T. Olsen, Housing manager at Gersager Park.


The cooperative housing society Gersager Park in the Danish town of Greve has 1,100 apartments with some 2,500 tenants. At Gersager Park, they have never had any particular problems, but since security cameras were installed in a neighboring housing area that was having problems, the tenants at Gersager Park decided to also get video surveillance since they were worried that there might be a domino effect. They felt there was a risk that the troublemakers would move on to Gersager Park instead. The housing society contacted Axis partner ATEA, who previously had put in filters at Gersager Park. ATEA has now installed Axis network cameras with Milestone XProtect® software.


The installation started in January of 2011 and consists of 108 Axis network cameras placed in strategic locations. The solution is flexible, and the tenants at Gersager Park chose to have cameras installed in half of the 80 entrances within the blocks of apartments. The tenants themselves can move these cameras to other entrances, as needed. Additional units have been placed in common areas and along public footpaths and tunnels that lead into the housing area.


The majority of tenants are satisfied with the security that the surveillance cameras give, seeing them as security cameras rather than surveillance cameras. At Gersager Park, there has been a positive dialog with the tenants before as well as during and after the installation of the surveillance cameras. The housing manager, John T. Olsen, has noted that both he himself and his colleagues receive more e-mails now than before the installation, since the tenants themselves have become more observant of keeping law and order and thus more often send reports of any irregularities they have witnessed.

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