Cheorwon County ensures thorough prevention of accidents and fire thanks to network video

Network video system offers multi-purpose solution for crime and accident prevention, and civil affair treatment

"The former system had a complex configuration that forced control of the event functionality separately from the video functionality, but now I can manage it through one application with integrated functions, and can only marvel at how simple it is to use."Cheorwon County official.


Cheorwon County had great difficulty in monitoring fires that could occur in administrational offices comprising of four city offices and seven township offices. In order to reduce the burden of the officials’ line of duty and establish a more efficient and stable security system, Cheorwon County introduced an Axis network video solution and developed an automated fire prevention and safety system.


In an effort to minimize the budget and maintain stability, Cheorwon County replaced the old system with the Axis network video solution which has an excellent image quality and a stable alarm input/output function.


Before the automated fire prevention and safety system was introduced, one or two persons on duty had to be stationed at each office of city and township during nighttime; this was no longer necessary after the installation. Staff who used to work at their own city or township office now take turns working night shift at the monitoring center in the County building and can watch and control the live status of the offices of all cities and townships from Cheorwon County. The fire and accident prevention level has been strengthened because all information can be managed remotely, thus making things more efficient and convenient for the officials and ensuring a more stable environment.

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