Sweets under Axis surveillance

Cadbury Wedel installs extensive video monitoring system based on Axis network cameras

“In the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, an effective video monitoring system is essential to ensure security and to meet very strict standards. For monitoring to be effective, first of all, it has to be aligned to the needs of a company and its employees, cost-effective, reliable in any conditions, but also discreet and matching interior design. Our requirements were met by an IP monitoring system using Axis nework cameras.“ Michał Labocha, Chief Security Officer, Cadbury Wedel Poland.


Dynamic growth and expansion of the Cadbury Wedel plant in Poland encouraged the company to invest in a modern video monitoring system for its plants. In 2008, Cadbury Wedel started the construction of a chocolate plant in Skarbimierz. It also expanded the plant in Bielany Wrocławskie. At the same time, the company thoroughly modernized its historic plant in Warsaw. The advanced video monitoring system has become one of the key business tools to ensure manufacturing safety and highest work comfort.


Mirare, an Axis Partner, was asked to conduct an extensive analysis of the situation in order to implement the most effective monitoring solution. Mirare identified key areas where the integrated monitoring system would eliminate the existing or potential threats, but also streamline operations. “We took into account the suggested functionality of cameras and their locations, image quality requirements, the use of the most effective software.” “Based on the above considerations, we decided to recommend our customer to implement a tried and tested system based on Axis network cameras and Milestone XProtect® software. Our experiences indicate that this combination of products provided by these two companies ensures the best functionality and return on a monitoring system,” says Waldemar Szylar, President of Mirare.


Installation of a scalable and flexible video IP system at Cadbury Wedel in Warsaw, integrated with other security and building management systems, helped effectively improve work conditions. The system also enabled remote viewing of the supervised area via mobile devices using the Internet and secure VPN connection. The installation now enables a prompt response and an effective prevention. Employees responsible for monitoring praise the new installation. They especially appreciate its ease of use and powerful intelligent video features. Similar opinions were also expressed by the trade unions’ representatives.

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