Agemasa, Port of Bilbao

Video surveillance as a prevention and process control service

"Axis is our reference, despite the fact that as a result of competition the market tends to searchfor low-quality, cheaper solutions; the option from Sumenor Security represents a good bet onhigh-quality solutions."Juan Puyo, Director, Sumenor Security.
Mission Agemasa operates in an environment in which thousands of tons of goods circulate on a daily basis, in addition to the circulation of hundreds of workers employed by various sub-contractors, ultimately creating a problem in terms of maintaining an up-to-date awareness of the activities that go on in the port. The need to maintain control, such as the right time to check correct operationality of cranes and other machines, as well as the precise location of pallets and the status of merchandise stored in the warehouses, is fundamental in maintaining precise control over the port environment. Additionally, there is the difficult work performed by the occupational risk prevention agents due to some installations having large volumes of traffic and requiring a great deal of effort in terms of maintaining precise control over their activities. Solution Agemasa acted under its own initiative, being interested in finding a solution that could help it maintain control over the processes carried out on its own facilities whilst also maintaining contact with Axis Communications partner Sumenor Security. Sumenor Security, distinguished by its large amount of professional experience, has benefited from the synergy that has resulted from the diversification of its three specialized divisions over different fields of engineering, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and systems engineering; these being the decisive factors at the time of initiating a proposal for a solution based on IP-Surveillance. The selection of the IP-Surveillance system was evaluated very positively, given the possibilities offered by the Axis network video solution. In particular, the scalability of the solution and the ease of integration with other systems was a key decision factor. Result The installation that consists of 36 Axis network cameras distributed across the inside and the outside of 6 pavilion areas. AXIS 210 Network Cameras were used for indoor areas, while AXIS 221 Network Cameras were deployed for outdoor areas. The customer has evaluated the result very positively and recognizes the great usefulness of video surveillance as a means of decision-making and process control.

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