Monitoring system with high requirements for image quality and reliability

Axis network video cameras used in TongRenTang Health Pharmaceutical's visualized management system

“The solution provided by Axis has achieved network interconnection and digitization. It is easier to manage and carry out system integration compared to traditional video monitoring systems, and it completely meets the modern corporate management needs of TongRenTang.” Customer feedback


The management of Beijing TongRenTang Health Pharmaceutical wanted to create a visualized management for staff office and security monitoring after office hours. In order to achieve that, the project required an integrated digital video security system that is reliable and easy to operate. At the same time, it had to be comprehensive and expandable. As a result, the visualized management platform has very high requirements for image quality, compatibility, stability and reliability. The main requirement of the system was to monitor locations such as elevator cars, office areas, elevator lobbies, main exits, meeting rooms, corridors, parking lots and various major stores.


Beijing VideoComm has over 10 years of research and development experience in visualized management platforms, and has worked together with Axis since they entered the Chinese market. VideoComm’s integrated visualized management platform, the “Catcher”, has gained the approval of customers. The model chosen for the Beijing TongRenTang Health Pharmaceutical visualized management system is a network video monitoring system that is integrated from both Axis and VideoComm. There are a total of over 150 Axis network cameras connected through Internet cables to the local area network inside the building, with a back-end management platform doing centralized management.


Axis network video cameras directly transmit digital video images based on IP networks (LAN/Intranet/Internet). Users can browse high quality real-time monitoring images of resolutions up to 800x600 from any network computer anytime and anywhere. Visualized management is achieved, and system diversity is increased. A brand new monitoring network has been constructed in a simple and flexible manner, with great expansion qualities.

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