Brazilian mining company Minera Vale monitored with Axis IP cameras

“Our choice of Axis was based on the knowledge that it is one of the TOP suppliers in its line, with excellent quality and an ensured 3-year guarantee. In addition, it was endorsed by Lenel because the products worked successfully on the Skypoint platform.“ Gino Mori Valenzuela, General Manager for Prosegur Tecnología Perú S.A.


Minera Vale is a private Brazilian mining company that trades in the stock exchange, and is an iron ore producer worldwide. Currently, it has over 100,000 employees and offices in Brazil, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Switzerland. As a result of the beginning of phosphate production in the Peruvian mine located in Bayóvar (Piura) with a production capacity of 3.9 million tons of rock a year, including a phosphate concentrating plant that has a 32 km highway, transporting rails, and a maritime terminal, the mining company decided that in order to have full control and monitoring of the activities that take place in these environments, they would implement a comprehensive electronic security project, including CCTV and access control.


Prosegur Tecnología, a division of the multinational company Prosegur, with 29 years of experience in the Peruvian market providing comprehensive security services, implemented the project and proposed a solution that uses IP video products from Axis, including security camera models AXIS 221, AXIS 225FD, and AXIS 233D. A total of 66 units were installed together with the management software that allowed the integration of the different integrated technologies for this large project, under the direction of Axis partner, Lenel. This successful experience implemented in Peruvian territory will be copied in other countries in the region where the mining company is located.


Minera Vale can now control, monitor, and store images that come from each and every one of the cameras located at different sites of the mine and the port. Both control centers are able to access live or recorded, and use them for two purposes: to support the security area of the mine and the port as well supporting the police and fire departments, so that they can act in the event of problems or accidents.

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