Intelligence and security under the eye of Axis cameras

Network video surveillance solution implemented in one of the most technologically-advanced and best-equipped office buildings in Warsaw

“I am very happy with the implementation of the latest technologies in our building. The advanced possibilities of the Axis surveillance solution constitute an important advantage for our investment. The tenants appreciate the conditions offered by us which facilitate their work. The choice of our technological partner took us a long time. We placed very specific requirements and Axis’ offering turned out to be a perfect solution for our building. We took into consideration the possibilities of the products, their intelligence, management possibility, aesthetics, and simplicity of integration with all security systems and building management.” Eyal Litwin, Vice President, Adgar Investments & Development Ltd.


From the very beginning of creating the complex, the investor was aware of the fact that, in order to stand out in the market, they had to offer tenants something more than their competition did. They therefore chose a good, and quiet, location near the airport, and took the time to implement modern security solutions, taking into consideration the needs of the tenants. Moreover, the developer provided a large car park under the building, comprising 630 parking places and above-ground garage parking for 237 cars. In addition, the complex boasts the Adgar Plaza Conference Center, Calypso Fitness Club with swimming pool, spa, fitness club and squash courts as well as a restaurant with a cafe. The complex also possesses a central operating server of the highest security standard, equipped with two independent sources of power and power generators which support flawless operations in case of a city network outage, as well as air-conditioning with humidity control. The challenge was provision of the whole infrastructure for the complex, especially with regard to surveillance which was to operate proactively and provide perfect image quality and the possibility for simple and central management.


Honeywell Ltd., an Axis partner, designed and assembled the access control systems, a parking system using number-plate identification, a fire detection system, a sound warning system, automatic ventilation and airconditioning, structural cabling and a central BMS surveillance system in the ten-story buildings of Adgar Plaza – and all the systems are controlled by a digital surveillance system based on Axis network cameras.


The installation of the Axis surveillance system in Adgar Plaza constitutes an added-value highly regarded by the tenants. The comfort resulting from the feeling of security, being an effect of implementation of a flexible surveillance system cooperating with all security systems of the building, is an irresistible advantage. The system has proactive features enabling prevention of undesired events.

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