Excellent Software counts on Axisto optimize retail sales and security

Axis network cameras drive real time people counting solution

"We searched all over the world for a solution. We wanted something with real-time counting andcollecting of data every 15 minutes. It had to be networkable. We wanted something to do thecounting, accumulate it, manage the data and bring it back. Axis network cameras do that." Alex Heffer, Managing Director, Excellent Software.


With most retail stores using a time-consuming and error-prone approach to customer or “people counting” solutions, New Zealand-based point of sale software developer Excellent Software saw an opportunity for more timely delivery of data on customer numbers for retailers to maximize sales opportunities. It set out to develop an affordable, real-time alternative to the manual data collection and updating approach often used by retailers; one which would give retailers rapid feedback on customer visits.


Excellent Software developed an IP-based people counting solution. AXIS 207 Network Cameras count the number of customers entering and leaving retail premises in real time, and the results are automatically uploaded to store reporting systems every 15 minutes.


The Excellent Software people counter system allows a retailer to identify trends and maximize sales opportunities by counting the number of people entering and leaving a shop. Retailers can use the data to optimize rostering and allocation of staff, identify trends in shopping patterns and gain rapid feedback on the effectiveness of marketing activities. The powerful system, which has already been rolled out at a leading furniture chain store in New Zealand, gives retailers the flexibility to use the network cameras for store surveillance too.

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