Internet Services implements high standards for 24/7 workspace security

IP-based network video solution from Axis helps security personnel access real-time video

Even when I am off from work, I can stay at home and access the company surveillance system in real-time to monitor night shift security guards on duty.” says security manager at Internet Services.


As the most influential online medium in Taiwan, the company Internet Services continues launching various innovative and reputed online services for individuals and businesses. The company pays close attention to its workspace security, in order to protect more than 1,000 employees, confidential information, and important facilities on a 24/7 basis.


AXIS P3301 Fixed Dome Network Cameras are set up throughout the new office building, including every conference room, elevator, entrance, exit, and hallway for effective protection of employees and facilities.


The IP-based Axis network video solution helps security personnel at the company very rapidly access and review video streams on any issue to enable effective prevention and issue resolution. Moreover, the solution enables real-time monitoring of night shift security guards on duty and keeps audio/video records of customer complaints to help resolve disputes.

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