Security in floral paradise

Axis network cameras increase security at all branches of Austria’s Blumen B&B

"It‘s important that the cameras can be panned and zoomed via remote control. This feature of Axis PTZ cameras offers the head office the desired glimpse of activities in the branches."Martin Beofsich, General Manager MB EDV


Flowers upon flowers – but not everything is rosy in the beautiful world of the specialist flower shop. With their long opening hours, the shops are a tempting target for raiders hoping to get a quick grab at the till. When Blumen B&B was recently replacing its old cash registers with a new POS system, security was clearly a critical factor. Blumen B&B’s unmonitored branches had enough experience in the past with break-ins, hold-ups and counterfeit fraud.


Martin Beofsich from data processing specialists MB EDV installed the new POS system with integrated video surveillance. With Axis network cameras, the head office has one-click access to images from the branches and can review any irregularities using digital recordings. Blumen B&B achieved this by installing an AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera close to the POS system in all 20 branches, as well as additional cameras in the central warehouse in Guntramsdorf, the wholesale business in Linz and the purchasing department in The Netherlands. The associated AXIS Camera Station video management software solution is used at head office for recording. This software also integrates existing analog cameras by means of the AXIS 2400 Video Server.


The cameras increase security 24 hours a day. At night, a motion detection system operates and when triggered, sends a silent alarm by e-mail and SMS. During the day, video data is stored within the POS system with every POS transaction and automatically linked to the relevant receipt number. The data is stored at head office and can be searched according to various criteria such as receipt number, amount or employee. The solution has clearly demonstrated its value in day-to-day use, especially in regards to security. The most spectacular example of this was a serial burglar who was proven to have committed several break-ins at different branches, thanks to the evidence from the surveillance videos.

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