La Praille, Geneva installs preventative security system developed by Axis and STVS SA

Axis and STVS SA assists La Praille, Geneva in creating a sense of security for shoppers

The system is now able to retrieve high quality clips from specific incidents to be used in their security detail.


Axis partner, STVS SA was briefed by La Praille to deliver a security surveillance solution to proactively prevent events such as vandalism, pick-pocketing, property damage and theft. The mall also required monitoring of all access points and parking lots. However of greatest importance, the system needed to be integrated into the centre's existing Ethernet system. IP (Internet Protocol) network cameras met the malls integration requirements and vendors offering antiquated CCTV solutions were turned away at the door.


The installation of over 100 surveillance IP-cameras throughout La Praille, comprise of both AXIS 212 PTZ's (this Axis IP camera is equivalent to three or four CCTV cameras) and AXIS 225FD's used for parking lot surveillance. All surveillance cameras are linked to a central control room which is monitored by the mall's security team. In addition, all cameras are managed by STVS's ProVision 5.1 software application using three NVR 3200 recording servers with 4 Terabytes of storage capacity each. In a short space of time, La Praille management is able to view a complete snapshot of the mall's security either by physically standing in the control room or by using the remote accessibility options offered by the surveillance system.


La Praille has experienced a significant decrease in theft, disorderly behaviour and acts of vandalism since the installation of the IP-surveillance system. The sense of security afforded to both management and shoppers has been created by increasing the security personnel's reaction to incidents which is provided by this surveillance system.

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