Axis network cameras support logistic operations in Japan

Using video surveillance to improve customer satisfaction and operating efficiency

"The installation of the IP video surveillancesystem hasn't just worked as a crime prevention measure. The employees are motivated knowing that they can be watched and operations as a whole have become more efficient. "Tadashi Ousaka, Acting Section Chief, SeiunCo. Ltd.


The highly competitive world of logistics requires constant efforts to improve customer satisfaction; in particular, prevention of accidents and theft are top priorities. Seiun Co. Ltd., based in Saitama Prefecture in Japan was expanding its transportation and storage business and urgently required the construction of a unified surveillance system to strengthen security for warehouses, parking lots and other places of business throughout the prefecture.


At first Seiun decided to adopt an analog surveillance system. But the company was installing IP phones and the internal systems were making greater use of IT. Seiun decided to install an IP-Surveillance system based on Axis network cameras and a "Necaroku" server (Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Corporation) to record and deliver information. The main reasons for their selection were user-friendliness, the image quality and stability of the Axis network cameras, and installation cost. Costs could indeed be held down because laying special cable is not necessary as when using analog cameras. By using Power over Ethernet, a single network cable supplies power and transmits the picture so there is no need for dedicated wiring. Currently, Seiun has installed 30 Axis network cameras in all their warehouses and offices.


The role of Axis network cameras extends far beyond security and accident prevention. They are highly valued for the role they play in managing the entire business.The condition of the fleet of cars at each business site, the movements of employees and percentage of cargo in the warehouses can all be checked on through the network cameras. The system is being used in a wide variety of ways to improve operating efficiency.

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