Silverton Business Watch and Axis ensure that crime doesn’t pay

Community business organization turns to IP surveillance to monitor commercial district

“The combination of progressive technology, community commitment and business vigilance is making a remarkable contribution towards keeping Silverton safe.“ Garner Upton, Silverton Business Watch Coordinator.


One of the most serious and worrisome problems facing South African businesses today is the prevalence of crime. Unlike inflated overheads, stiff competition or overpriced raw materials, crime cannot be overcome by sound business practices or an inspired marketing campaign. Silverton Business Watch, a non-profit community initiative, recognized the devastating consequences of crime in their central business district and decided to avail itself of a high-tech surveillance solution to fight the scourge threatening its local industry.


Ecotech Converge (specializing in the areas of IT convergence, software and hardware distribution, advanced networking and hosting solutions, and infrastructure consulting) proposed the installation of an IP-based monitoring system. Tried and tested in their own environment, Axis network cameras were recommended by Ecotech and selected by Silverton Business Watch due to their superior image quality and broad product range.


The Axis surveillance solution has proved to be so effective that crime has been reduced by a staggering 30% in just three short months after installation. The success of this project has led to the expansion of the system into the nearby Silverton residential area. Ecotech Converge, through the deployment of an advanced security structure, has been instrumental in creating a safer environment for all of the inhabitants of Silverton.

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