Axis network cameras enable Douglas Court Shopping Centre to cut slip and fall claims

Additional benefits include cutting theft, improving customer service and protecting their investment in surveillance infrastructure

"The near elimination of slip and fall claims and clear drop in shoplifting losses at Douglas Court, together with more effective policing of fire escape corridors, all makes for a safer and ultimately more profitable retail center. We are therefore very pleased with the new surveillance system which has definitely delivered rapid return on investment for the group," said Mr Ted Nolan, Health, Safety and Security Manager at the Shipton Group.


The Shipton Group, which owns and manages Douglas Court Shopping Centre in Cork, Ireland, required a surveillance solution to cut crime, gather video evidence to dramatically cut slip and fall injury claims, reinforce tenants health and safety obligations and even improve customer experience to deploy support staff more effectively to tasks and locations around Douglas Court.


The Shipton Group worked with Irish IT consultancy RPC Consultants, a leading Axis partner in the region, to deliver a network video system covering the corridors and emergency exits serving the center's retail outlets, inside public areas and the center's car park. A total of 76 Axis network cameras were deployed across the 13.5 acre site. AXIS 232D+ and AXIS 225FD network cameras were deployed externally. The AXIS 232D+ were found to perform well in adverse conditions including positioningon top of 100 foot high poles. All external cameras were linked to the network via wireless routers. A mixture of AXIS 212 PTZ and AXIS 232D+ network cameras were also deployed internally, with all internal static cameras utilizing Power over Ethernet, thereby significantly reducing internal wiring costs.


Shipton Group has almost eliminated slip and fall claims at Douglas Court whilst policing the center's service corridors which also act as emergency exits in case of fire. The new system has also deterred shoplifters - with theft reducing significantly. Local police relations have also improved now that they know they can use images provided by Douglas Court in a court of law because they guarantee identification of those involved. This was not the case with the previous analog-based CCTV system.

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