Komplett manages shrinkage and multi-national deliveries centrally with Axis network cameras

“I’m not able to get the same sharp and clear image quality with the old cameras as I get with Axis network cameras, whatever settings I’m trying to adjust. I’m very pleased with the results I get from the AXIS P1346 Network Camera.“ Tor Kiste, Security and Property Manager for Komplett Group.


Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Komplett is a major e-commerce company with 9 web shops in Scandinavia, selling PCs and computer components, consumer electronics, and home and leisure products. Komplett has Pick-up-Points located in Sandefjord, Oslo, Lørenskog, Trondheim, Fredrikstad, Stavanger, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen. At the end of 2010, Komplett reported a total of 620,000 active customers. Due to the high value of the IT products involved, parcel tracking is crucial to Komplett’s operational excellence. Several incidents at the Pick-up-Points are reported every month. A reliable video surveillance and monitoring system is therefore an important business tool to document the deliveries to, and pickups by, customers, and also to ensure safety for employees.


Video monitoring has been part of Komplett’s logistics setup since 2000. In 2008 they completely reviewed the security system and decided to move from analog to digital video surveillance. 90 network cameras were installed with Milestone XProtect® Enterprise for 120 device licenses. For more effective bandwidth usage, in 2010 AXIS P1346 network cameras with H.264 compression were added to improve performance from the remote sites. They plan to roll out more of these Axis models to gain greater efficiency of data transfer from the geographically spread pickup locations.


Komplett’s existing IT network infrastructure was already in place making it easy to move the security solution to network video and Milestone IP video management software – a flexible, scalable, open platform solution that lets Komplett continue to grow with new innovations over time. They can now manage video data coming from all their Scandinavian sites centrally at their headquarters.

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