Residential gated-community deters vandalism and trespassing with Axis network cameras

California association advances security for its residents with IP surveillance

“In order to protect our community, finding a system that would work for our specific needs was vital. The quality of technology we received from this network video system went beyond our expectations and has truly proven that there is no better way to monitor our community and provide our residents the level of security they expect.“ John C. Bowman, General Manager, Serrano El Dorado Owners’ Association.


As a large, 4000-property private community facing increasing security challenges, the Serrano El Dorado Owners’ Association needed additional support for its security guards and patrol units. With 21 gated entrances and 53 miles of road spread out over 3,500 acres, the security staff was finding it difficult to quickly identify incidents of damaged gates, loitering groups and illegal visitors, putting the community and its property at risk.


Stagecoach Wireless, a provider of large-scale IP-based monitoring solutions for residential communities and an Axis partner, installed 84 network surveillance cameras strategically at all 21 gates around the community. The cameras are connected using a variety of wired and wireless networking technologies allowing for remote monitoring from the gate security stations, as well as any desktop computer with the appropriate security access.


Immediately after installation, the Axis network cameras were leveraged to help the patrolling officers and stationary security guards identify criminals and provide video footage to the El Dorado Sheriff for legal prosecution. Overall, the system has significantly decreased security issues such as gate vandalism and forced entries, and the security staff can quickly respond to security events before issues escalate or perpetrators leave the scene, including drunk driving and hit-and-run incidents.

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