High security in the Comdivision data center

Customers of the data center can always keep an eye on their servers, thanks to Axis network cameras

"We were particularly pleased to find that the Axis solution could be integrated with our own connection components which were already in place. Other suppliers would have required us to purchase some of their products, which would have made the whole project substantially more expensive."Yves Sandfort, Comdivision’s Managing Director.
Mission Banks and financial institutions obviously need security and monitoring, but so do data center operators. For many years, Comdivision has been using modern surveillance systems for these purposes. As equipment in the surveillance sector was developed and refined, the company has acquired a variety of different systems. However, this resulted in a problem. Not only did maintenance costs rise dramatically due to the large number of suppliers, but it was also impossible to keep pace with the many different maintenance contracts for 15 different camera types. If a particular recording actually needed to be viewed, it was extremely difficult to search for the correct sequence. Solution Comdivision decided that, going forward, they would rely on camera systems from a single supplier in order to reduce the outlay for maintaining and handling its surveillance systems. They selected products made by Axis Communications. One particular advantage of the Axis solution was the ease of connecting the Axis network cameras and the associated software solution, AXIS Camera Station, to Comdivision’s existing video archiving software. This provided customers with access to the video data via the Comdivision portal to give them an uninterrupted overview of their servers. Result The unified camera system not only reduced the burden associated with servicing the surveillance system, but also resulted in visible benefits to customer service. The server outsourcing field always requires a high degree of trust between the customer and the service provider. A company’s ability to monitor its own server is a further step in optimizing this relationship.

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