KIA MOTORS adds value to production plant infrastructure with Axis network cameras

Surveillance solution gives KIA MOTORS the ability to monitor equipment and guarantee worker safety

"We are very pleased with both the technical solution and the wayit was installed by ANECT. The Axis network cameras provide the operators with excellent quality images and rock-solid reliability,"says Jin-Young Park at KIA.

The Mission

In 2006, leading Korean car manufacturer KIA MOTORS built a production plant near the city of Žilina in Slovakia. The communications infrastructure company ANECT was assigned the task of designing an advanced IP-based infrastructure to perform multiple tasks such as server monitoring, security applications, IP TV and more. One of the applications in this infrastructure was a surveillance solution which gave KIA MOTORS the ability to monitor equipment and guarantee worker safety. The specifications included extreme reliability and safety, excellent video quality and advanced functionality such as easy remote control of the camera angles and data storage functionality.

The Solution

ANECT build a solution based on Axis network cameras installed directly on the underlying Cisco IP infrastructure. The video feeds from the cameras are received at an onsite monitoring facility including 56 monitors and control through advanced technology. Innovations feature touch screen control of the Axis network cameras and seven Advantech servers adding value for the customer with the possibility of recording of video streams from all cameras for thirty days.

The Result

The implementation was very smooth mostly due to thorough analysis, high quality components and a smooth implementation process. Also, since the surveillance solution was built according to Cisco’s AVVID (Architecture for Voice Video and Integrated Data) architecture which resulted in a solution with extremely high reliability and flexibility. The solution has now been up and running without any interruptions – performing perfectly.

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