Châteaurenard boosts its video surveillance capabilities

Under its public security policy, the municipality is upgrading its system from analog to IP technology

"After implementing this system, we recorded a reduction in acts of vandalism, and the dissuasive effect of the cameras played agreat part in that", explained Mr Seisson, IT Supervisor of the town of Châteaurenard.


In 2002, the town of Châteaurenard (France) experienced a surge in vandalism. To deal with this upsurge of incidents, local elected officials decided to strengthen the municipality’s security. With the support of local residents and shopkeepers, the municipality introduced a range of measures to contain these incidents: doubling of the size of the municipal police force, purchase of a patrol car, and deployment of an extensive video surveillance network.


In 2003, 28 analog cameras were installed in the town, in particular to provide surveillance of public parking areas. In 2006, the municipality decided to expand and improve its existing system by adding Axis network cameras and video servers. The IT Department called on its integrator, Concept Télécom1, to help with the project.


In addition to achieving the initial objectives, the managers involved in this project agree that their work is now easier thanks to the quality of the images, which are recorded in real time. Furthermore, all the guarantees were obtained to ensure that the system’s operation would be fully compliant with upholding individual and collective freedoms.

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