Hospital upgrades existing analog security system to IP video

Axis implements an Open Systems Interconnection distributed IP-Surveillance system for Xiamen Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital

Besides being highly reliable and providing high quality images, Axis network cameras also make extensive use of the PoE power supply model.“ Song Shuangxi, Engineering Manager, Guan Lin Electronics Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Branch).


The Xiamen Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital had an extensive but disjointed security program in place made up of video surveillance, guarded entry and intrusion prevention systems and a security management platform, all interconnected via the hospital’s IP network. The hospital wanted to integrate these advanced technologies into one complete security system which could meet the varying requirements of the different departments in the hospital. At the nucleus of the security program was the video surveillance system which was being converted into a distributed digital system.


The installation involved two main phases – the remodeling of the existing analog and IP-based systems and implementation of an entirely new IP-based system on the third floor. The legacy system comprised an analog system on level one and an IP-based system on level two, which was installed at a later date. The new system would need to leverage the existing investment and make full use of the infrastructure already in place. To do this, the analog signals from the cameras on level one needed to be converted to digital signals and Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) support needed to be enabled for the IP equipment on level two.


The Xiamen Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital’s network video surveillance system is based in international standards and used reliable technologies and hardware from well established international firms. This results in both a safe and reliable IP-Surveillance solution where advanced technology meets practical needs. The nodal, modular design and open, flexible and scalable characteristics show customers how easy it is to upgrade their analog systems to IP ones.

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