24/7 electronic guard in the city of Krakow

Mobile IP-based monitoring system is a new tool used for fighting crime

“Crime may be prevented in various ways. The results are far better than we expected. We are sure to carry out such actions on a much broader scale. I am convinced that the Municipal Police officers from other cities may benefit from our experiences.“ Marek Anioł, Spokesman, Krakow Municipal Police Forces.


The Krakow Municipal Police Forces place great emphasis on innovation. Thus, they decided to use cuttingedge technology solutions to fight against lawbreakers. In order to more effectively detect offenses and prevent petty crime, as well as other unwanted events, the police forces improved their law enforcement potential without increasing headcount.


Municipal Police vehicles were fitted with Axis network cameras. Generally, they are used for performing regular duties, however, when deployed at a parking site or other location, particularly high-risk areas, they allow for recording events and identifying offenders.


Ever since the Municipal Police vehicles were fitted with the cameras a year ago, officers have a new, effective tool allowing them to carry out duties at locations where the law is breached most frequently. The mobility of this system ensures that the officers can plan and carry out their duties in a flexible way, taking into consideration the current needs. Moreover, the equipment is used for solving current issues at various locations in the city.

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