The road to safety

Axis Communications and Proxim pave the way for increased safety and security on one of Greece’s most rugged motorways

The Egnatia Motorway in Greece is one of the largestroad construction projects in Europe and creates a vitally important link to the rest of Europe in one direction and Asiain the other.


Egnatia Motorway wanted to develop a wireless traffic surveillance project along the 9 km of the motorway that runs from the Metsovo interchange to the Peristeri interchange. Despite being only 9 km in length, this route has the most difficult and varied terrain on the motorway, hence the need for surveillance cameras.


Egnatia Motorway installed a total of 14 AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras to monitor traffic flow and provide surveillance and security at the point of the two interchanges, inside six different tunnels and along two bridges. Egnatia Motorway also installed AXIS Camera Station video management software that provides video monitoring, recording and event management functions. The surveillance system also integrated Tsunami MP.11 5054-R wireless outdoor routers from Proxim. The combined solution met Egnatia Motorway’s need to install secure, high-definition network cameras in areas where fixed line broadband was not readily available.


Following the successful deployment of the project, the region’s control centre now has full command over the 14 AXIS 213 PTZ network cameras. The combination of high bandwidth and low latency of Tsunami MP.11 5054-R ensures that high quality images are constantly available to motorway staff. Staff members are also alerted to unusual traffic events so they can respond accordingly. The system is completely secure and can be managed remotely.

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