Axis network cameras test safety of Betuweroute

Camera images show whether route is ready for completion

"Thanks to the Axis network cameras, the tests are proceeding very smoothly. We have a good view of the Betuweroute and can therefore determine whether the Betuweroute is ready for completion or not."explains Everard van Rees, test manager for the Betuweroute.

The Mission

The Betuweroute project has attracted a lot of attention. Construction of the railway began in 1995, and completion took place in 2007. Since that time, the 160 kilometer railway has run from the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam to Zevenaar, where the Betuweroute links to the German railway network. A lack of space in the test train locomotive was the primary reason for the Betuweroute Project Setup Team purchasing Axis network cameras. Six cameras now record images during the intensive testing intended to prove whether the Betuweroute is ready for completion.

The Solution

During the 600 different tests, it must be determined whether the signals and subsystems function properly. In the most ideal situation, the entire test team would be located at the front of the locomotive, because the data collected there is of essential importance for the tests. But due to a lack of space, the team had to search for a solution; this was found in the Axis network cameras. These are mounted in and around the test train and record images of the railway and the surroundings. This makes it possible to view the images at any time or place.

The Result

The images are immediately available within the moving test center. In one of the carriages, the test team views the images, which provide a good overview of the surrounding area. Another benefit this offers is the possibility to save the images so they can be reviewed later.

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