Lorient fish auction organizes sales with an Axis network camera

With the help of an IP camera, fish wholesalers at the portof Lorient can remotely monitor purchases of their fish

"We wanted to offer our customers a solution that could help them in their daily work"explains Mr Palladin, Supervisor of the auction at the port of Lorient


The Lorient fish auction has two distinct groups of buyers: 70% are fishmongers, and 30% are fish wholesalers. Two auctions are held on the same day: the inshore sale from 4.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m., open to all, and the deep-sea sale reserved for fish wholesalers, which takes place in a hall from 6.00 a.m. Mr Palladin, Supervisor of the auction at the port of Lorient, wanted to be able to improve the quality of its services and the information his customers could receive.


In May 2006, an AXIS 213 PTZ network camera was installed in the inshore sales room to film the fish as it passed through on the conveyor belt. The Lorient auction turned to the integration partner Aucxis Trading to tackle the issues. Aucxis suggested setting up a video surveillance system to broadcast images of the sale in real time. The video coming from the Axis network camera is broadcast to the deep-sea hall so that the wholesalers can monitor both sales simultaneously, in real time. Two screens (3 meters high and 2 meters wide) were installed facing the wholesalers so that they could check the pricing information in real time, even remotely.


Fishmongers and wholesalers now have real-time information direct from both sales halls. Consequently, they can place bids in either hall without actually being there. The quality of the images relayed by the Axis cameras enables them to judge whether the merchandise is appropriate for the price displayed in real time on the same screen. When all the criteria are met, responsiveness is immediate.

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