Sport gym uses IP video to check athlete participation

With Axis camera images, company knows the number of athletes present in each class, besides reinforcing its estate security

“The network video brought benefits besides estate security for the gym. The coordinators from the areas of swimming, fights, bodybuilding and other activities accompany the real number of people in each class, watching the videos while in session or later accessing the recordings, which are stored for seven days.“ Eduardo Crastechini, Maintenance Supervisor at the Gym.


Successor of the Instituto Hércules, the first sports gym in São Paulo (SP), Academia Competition was founded in 1984 in the Higienópolis neighborhood. Besides innovation of bringing in new sports to Latin America, Academia Competition has always been concerned withoffering its customers the best, in an organized, safe manner. In day to day events, realizing the inefficiency of controlling the number of people participating in each class through presence lists, they opted for using a video monitoring system on a network with IP cameras from Axis Communications.


Academia Competition implemented over 100 network cameras and acquired video servers. The cameras are integrated to movement alarms that guarantee the gym’s estate security 24 hours a day.


Academia Competition brought efficiency to its business planning. The coordinators, managers and management can access the videos on the web and verify the real number of customers who attended the gym classes for each modality offered. Academia Competition has plans to expand the system as the need for monitoring and security increases.

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