Virtual eyes improve customer experience at Douglas Village

IP-Surveillance system enables Irish shopping center to improve the quality of its services to shoppers and tenants

“Axis’ network cameras were the best we could find and completely met our needs in terms of images quality, openness and flexibility. They are also incredibly easy to deploy in any location and integrate with Milestone XProtect Enterprise.“ Richard Cronin, director, RPC Consultants.


The complete renovation of one of Cork’s largest shopping centers gave Douglas Village the perfect opportunity to reconsider its surveillance requirement. It wanted a system that could assist with the day-to-day management of the busy shopping center and to ensure health and safety levels were maintained at all times. The management team’s ultimate priority was to provide a safe and secure environment for its tenants and customers and a new surveillance system would certainly enable this.


Douglas Village’s owners, Shipton Group, consulted with Axis’ partners Masterclass Security and RPC Consultants to design and install a new IP-based surveillance system which in addition to being used for security purposes could be used to help with the daily management of the shopping center. Masterclass Security turned to Axis Communications to provide 180 cameras both internally and externally which include AXIS 233D, AXIS 216FD and AXIS 216MFD Network Cameras. Milestone XProtect Enterprise 5.6F video management system is used to manage, store, record and view footage from the cameras.


One of the IP-based surveillance system’s first purposes was to oversee the building work during the center’s refurbishment. The cameras were used to ensure that the building contractors complied with health and safety regulations and to manage the flow of vehicles in and out of the site. With the refurbishment complete, the system now supports the day-to-day running of the site e.g. managing traffic flow as visitors arrive and keeps watch on the emergency exits to ensure they are kept clear at all times.

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