IP video for increasing effectiveness of the El Molar police

Migration of an analog system and centralization of systems in a new Control Center thanks to CIS Hitcom platform and Axis products

“In addition to being a powerful preventive tool, IP video also helps us to control the various municipal buildings and efficiently perform the daily activities of our municipal police. Thanks to the use of this network-based video surveillance system we could solve some acts of criminal behavior and resolve several problems regarding citizens’ security. Without such a system, we would need many more police officers in order to be able to offer the same service level.“ Emilio de Frutos Sebastián, Mayor of El Molar.


In early 2006, the municipalities of the Sierra Norte de Madrid suffered from a huge wave of thefts in the town halls and CAPIs (centers for public access to internet), with 25 out of the 42 towns of the Sierra being affected. This situation, which also partially involved urban vandalism, resulted in a plan to install an analog video surveillance system for protection of the main municipal building and neighboring side buildings. At the time, the Municipal Police of El Molar employed 4 officers.


Starting in 2008, after contacting CIS, a company specialized in solutions for municipal councils, it was decided to migrate the analog CCTV system to IP video and to correspondingly extend the system in connection with the construction of the new municipal sports facilities. The corporation verified the benefits in connection with the use of IP video and decided to gradually extend the system and to simultaneously expand it in connection with the demands and desires of the municipal council.


In May 2010, the new building of the municipal police was inaugurated; it houses the new Center for Municipal Control that centralizes an IP video system based on Axis products with 54 video sources installed in different municipal side buildings and public streets.

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