IP video for a technologically advanced hospital

Video surveillance and audiovisual services based on Axis network video solutions

The video-surveillance system consists of 102 AXIS P3301-V Network Cameras for surveillance of the interior of the hospital as well as 42 AXIS Q6032-E Network Cameras that control the external perimeters of the building. All cameras are provided with PoE and transmit the images in the compressed H.264 format.


Ceuta is an autonomous Spanish city located on the African coast close to the Strait of Gibraltar. In light of the age of sanitary installations it became necessary to improve conditions by means of the construction of a new hospital. The following principle objectives had been determined from the design stage: improvement of quality of assistance, accessibility, clinical security, management of services and installations, all based on information and communications technology (ITC). The activities of the hospital include both assistance to patients as well as teaching and research.


The global vision of the hospital’s function was maintained during all process stages, and focus was placed on the patient, but not on the operative groups. In order to achieve the objectives, the implantation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) was considered to be a strategic element, thus eliminating the need for paper. This also included the technological homogenization, integration and development of assisting services based on ITC, including standardized IP video technology.


The University Hospital of Ceuta, with several implanted projects for technological improvement, e.g. the video IP system, is considered to be a model hospital of the 21st century. The ITC investment of approximately four million Euros allows for rapid return of service quality and decrease of costs in connection with provision of multiple services.

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