Mons/Bergen Stadium scores a goal with Axis network cameras

The Mons/Bergen football club marks its arrival in the premier division with an upgrade to its stadium

"We are extremely satisfied with the features provided by this new remote video surveillance system. We have been particularly surprised by the very short implementation time, high image qualityand ease of use of Axis network cameras" says Michel Taulet, Infrastructure and Security Supervisor of Mons/Bergen Stadium.


The Mons/Bergen football club is a dependable name in the world of Belgian football. In 2000, while it was playing in the second division, security for the Mons/Bergen Stadium, consisted of four analog cameras. When the club entered the premier division in 2002, it had to bring its stadium into line with the new security legislation. Aware of the limitations of the old analog system, officials sought to implement an alternative solution to ensure better image quality and easy access to video by authorized personnel.


In an effort to reduce costs, it was decided to install a network video system using Axis network cameras and including, via Axis video servers, a series of analog cameras that could still provide satisfactory performance. In addition to requirements in terms of image quality, ease of use was also an important factor in selecting a new security solution. After comparing various systems, the decision was made to select Axis network cameras, and to engage Digital, an Axis partner in Belgium, to install the entire new video surveillance system.


Surveillance of the stadium is now under control and in line with Belgian legal requirements. All interior and exterior areas, including the immediate surroundings and the parking lot, are under video monitoring, to the great satisfaction of both the operators and the local police.

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