Iberfruta Muerza S.A.

Multi-purpose video surveillance for quality and security assurance

"The evolution of Axis cameras during the last few years has been resounding; the quality these cameras deliver relieves you from practically any maintenance concern you may have." Luis Miguel Solá, Chief of Maintenance - General Facilities Iberfruta Muerza S.A.


Iberfruta Muerza S.A, in addition to acting as supplier of semi-finished materials for othermanufacturers, is also a manufacturer through the trademark BEBÉ, a company following home-made and traditional methods begun in 1875 and specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of quality marmalade and confectionary, addressed both to the consumer market and the hotel industry. The process of manufacturing marmalade and preserves gives rise to a series of safety specifications and quality standards for the treatment and preservation of the fruit, where a strict control of the product’s condition is key. This need to ensure constant control has caused the company BEBÉ to search for technologies to improve the manufacturing process and quality control of its products. An R&D department was created in order to find state-of-the-art technology for its plant located in San Adrián (Navarra). The need to have a recording of the site’s production processes was also part of the requirements, and therefore the search for a system enabling video surveillance tasks with reliable recording and providing added value was started.


On the company’s own initiative, two proposals were studied: one based on analog cameras connected to video servers and another fully based on network cameras. The first system studied was the analog one, as it was already partially installed in the facilities for viewing some of the factory’s processes. This system presented serious scalability issues as it entailed a significant disbursement of funds every time a camera was to be added to the facilities. Image quality and interlacing problems also raised doubts about this solution.

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