Police improve city vigilance with Axis IP surveillance solution

24/7 monitoring of critical areas of city, to detect and deter criminal activities

“We were looking to execute a surveillance system across Junagadh city to help supplement the police personnel’s efforts in monitoring the critical city areas. It was prohibitively costly to use fiber connectivity or connectivity offered by telecom or ISP companies. We did not have the budget to pay recurrent amount year on year for data usage. eSec brought in their own wireless solution along with Axis network cameras. The installation has been able to successfully fulfill our requirements by significantly reducing the need for onsite-patrolling through its remote monitoring benefits.“ Dipankar Trivedi, Superintendent of Police, Junagadh.


The Superintendent of Police (SP) of district of Junagadh was looking for a video surveillance solution for the city for two primary reasons – first to keep a watch on terrorist and anti-social activities in the city and secondly to assist the police departments as a proactive tool to detect and deter criminal elements.


The first phase of the project was implemented to help monitor all major entry and exit points as well as other critical areas of the city of Junagadh. The solution consisted of AXIS P1343 and AXIS 215 PTZ-E Network Cameras, chosen for their high quality images and ease of installation. These were installed at eight different locations spread all over the city of Junagadh. The solution also included the implementation of a complete wireless monitoring and storage facility at the Superintendent of Police headquarters in Junagadh.


The Axis surveillance solution deployed across the city of Junagadh has helped the law enforcement authorities to monitor remote locations, including the city entry/exit points and bypass roads, directly from the Superintendent of Police headquarters. The solution helps to monitor strategic places such as a dam and places of religious importance which are potential terrorist targets. Junagadh Police Department’s efforts to use state of the art technology integration was recognized by the Director General of Police of State of Gujarat and further fund allocation has been sanctioned to be utilized in further upgrades of this initiative.

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