Axis HDTV cameras power Shiseido’s cosmetic factory

Cosmetic factory following the latest wrinkle within network video surveillance

“The features of Axis’ network cameras, such as superb image quality, low bandwidth and low storage resource requirements, have met customer demands and reduced cost. Besides, we are reassured with its simple installation and 3-year warranty.“ Cheng Kaowen, General Manager of Beijing Highstar Technology Co., Ltd.


In the trend-sensitive cosmetic market, the new possibilities for increased effectiveness of production, operation and management has directly affected the productivity and cost control of Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (SLC). SLC management wanted to establish and develop an intelligent factory where the security surveillance in the workshops aims at safe production.


To ensure safe production, SLC installed the surveillance system throughout the factory. They chose AXIS 233D Network Dome Cameras, AXIS P1344 HDTV Network Cameras and a network video surveillance management platform software from CSVision. The system is built to ensure scalability and future upgrades, as it is able to expand the viewing, recording and management channels to better meet customers’ requirement on all-directional surveillance. The unified management on video, audio and alarm data at the platform doubles the effect of video surveillance.


The network video surveillance system ensures personnel in the factory a timely and accurate understanding of the video information within their responsibilities; to further improve the IT-based safety management, work efficiency and emergency response speed.

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