The Paris National Opera optimizes its video protection system

A pioneer among institutional sites, the Paris Opera has opted for IP to protect its employees, visitors and heritage with cameras and encoders from Axis

“During the tender, the Axis cameras got a technical rating of 94 out of 100. They also met our expectations from an aesthetic point of view. So for the Paris National Opera, the choice was obvious.“ Jean-Christophe Hubert, computer and network manager, Paris National Opera.


In 2008, the Bastille Opera had more than 130 analog cameras, while the Garnier Opera was not yet equipped. Working with the IT department, the opera’s administration wanted to develop a system that would respond to several issues. While continuing to provide security for people and property, the video protection system had to enhance prevention and speed up response in the event of an incident or breakdown. The opera also wanted to use this development to migrate the system to IP for easier management and better scalability.


At the Bastille Opera, 32 Axis network cameras were installed to complement the existing system, and the analog flow was taken over by Axis encoders. Three monitoring stations were installed so that the security command post, the head of security and the IT manager could all have access to the images. At both sites, video management software called CamTrace was installed for displaying and administering the cameras. At the Garnier Opera, 50 Axis network cameras were installed. A security command post was also created so that the head of IT could manage the cameras from his office.


The users are completely satisfied with the system the opera chose. They point out its strong impact in decreasing damage and internal theft. Besides the deterrent effect and improved identification, the cameras’ aesthetics helped sway the opera’s decision-makers. The units can be discreetly hidden in the Garnier and Bastille’s historic buildings.

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