IP-based efficiency with remote monitoring and people counting at fashion store chain

Axis IP cameras and Cognimatics/MIRAME.NET software allow for improvement of operations and management of the fashion store chain TRUCCO.


TRUCCO belongs to the 100% Spanish company InSitu S.A. with registered headquarters in Madrid. This manufacturing and distribution company is responsible for the design, production and distribution of collections exclusively for its own brand TRUCCO. The TRUCCO products are distributed via a growing network of points of sale - currently around 170 - located in the main streets and commercial centers of large cities in Spain and 13 other countries.


For some years, the TRUCCO stores have been equipped with systems for video monitoring and people counting. However, the continuous search for new solutions as well as the necessity of integration of data into its SAP management platform and replacement of old equipment made them strive for further development. Since December 2007, two solutions based on IP video have been implemented - one solution for remote monitoring, and another solution for people counting - that improved various aspects of management and operations of the establishments.


Efficient cooperation between TRUCCO and MIRAME.NET resulted in a very high customer satisfaction with regard to the implemented solutions based on the IP video systems from Axis Communications. They cover the most important necessities and offer the flexibility that is necessary for extension, change of location or integration with other systems, if required by the customer.

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