Bergermeer Gas Storage Terrain monitored by Axis cameras

Thermal cameras for management and security purposes

“Because the cameras provide images of the entire terrain, we do not need to physically patrol it at set times for security purposes. The same applies with regard to TAQA Energy B.V.’s management aims. We would like to offer this system to other TAQA Energy B.V. terrains, too.“ René den Dekker, Director of Spyke Security.


TAQA Energy B.V. has been extracting gas from the North Holland Bergermeer terrain ever since the 1970s. The Bergermeer gas field is now nearly empty, but is certainly not useless as the field can now be used to store gas. The field has a porous layer of sandstone at a depth of approximately 2,500 meters. The tiny holes in the sandstone which contained gas for millions of years can be used to safely store gas once more. In order to monitor the terrain, TAQA Energy B.V. hired Spyke Security B.V. to secure the area and also make it possible for the terrain to be managed remotely. Spyke Security chose a nature-friendly solution for the area, namely camera protection - more specifically, thermal camera protection. This camera makes it possible to detect and image objects in perfect darkness as well as mist and other forms of precipitation.


The company chose a complete Axis camera installation, including four thermal cameras and one HD camera with infrared capabilities. This allows the company to create images of any objects detected at any time of day and under any weather conditions. The HD camera with infrared capabilities is on a swivel mount meaning it can scan in every direction using the pan and tilt functions. This camera complements the thermal cameras on site. Every camera contains intelligent software by Agent VI, which enables video content analysis (VCA).


The company is pleased with the camera security, initiated in June of 2010, on the gas storage terrain in the Bergermeer. The gas storage terrain is located in a remote section which means a continuous stream of information using live camera images is very useful. The cameras are intended to both protect and manage the area. This means that TAQA Energy B.V. can also view the terrain where the engineers or subcontractors are currently working by entering a secure log-in code on the Internet. Spyke Security only views the area with the cameras for security purposes.

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